Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 3

We are now in week three of our new healthier lifestyle. 

During the second week of juicing for two meals Mistylynn and I both went through one day where our bodies were literally HATING us! 

She was feeling lightheaded and dizzy and I was just feeling sick to my stomach for most of the day and slightly weak. I am glad to say that once we got through that day we have yet to feel that way again!

Mistylynn did, however, hurt herself exercising somehow. Her whole left side has been hurting her pretty bad. We have upped our exercise routine to twice a day instead of just the once a day.I am officially in love with exercising in the morning, unless of course you ask me on days when my bed is just TOO comfortable! I have gotten to a point in our evening workout where I am finally able to push through the intense parts that I was having to stop and rest at before. My muscles don't hate me anymore either! I of course still have that sore after workout body. I am happy to be pushing myself in exercise again to a point where I am so red in the face and breathing hard! It is an awesome feeling to be active again!

We are back to drinking juice for two meals a day now that we were able to restock our juice supplies and make another batch. 

Katie is pretty happy with the changes we are making as well. I am actually doing DISHES! Those who know me, know what a HUGE deal this is. I am cooking meals and am extremely good at it. I am loving the colorful foods we have been eating and Gage has even gotten better about eating what we are eating. I am excited to see how this new change is effecting Gage. He is wanting to work out with me every night and asking to help cook and clean.

How is your new year treating you?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Current Exercise Schedule

As out of shape as we are, we are having to start light!
We started out using this DVD:

 We of course started out on the 1 mile but have since moved it up to 3 miles. Our first week we stuck strictly to the walking and only did it 1 time a day.

Now that we are on week 2 we have incorporated this DVD:
Our workout currently consists of doing the 1 mile walk in the morning to get our day started and we finish up our night with Level 1 on the 30 Day Shred DVD. My body has finally stopped feeling like I was hit by a truck so I can't wait to up in the intensity again real soon! I have also decided that after my workout and shower I will start meditating before bed. I am excited to wind my mind down after the long day.
What does your workout routine entail?