Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lifestyle Changes (So far)

We have been making so many big lifestyle changes around here.
I am going to start this post with what has to be probably the most simple, "duh" change of all.
We have started eating at the table. Yes you read that right, eating at the table. Until recently, our dining room table was one of many catch all spots around my house. I am not very good at keeping a tidy home, it isn't something I am proud of. Anyway, I cleaned off the dining room table as well as started to un-clutter the rest of the house. I realize I am big on Gage knowing that it is important to help those who aren't as fortunate as we are and I try to show him that by having him donate toys he is no longer interested in playing with. I don't want him to just throw them out, I want him to realize that he is giving those toys to an organization that will get them to children who have no toys at all. How could I teach my son these things when in more ways than I want to admit the term hoarder can be used in my case. How is he going to learn if I don't lead by example? But back to the table, we have started turning off electronics at dinner time and enjoying each others company at the dinner table. Gage has shown a little resistance but usually ends up eating with us and talking about what he is learning as well with very little fight. We turn off the TV, no cell phones allowed and we actually have conversations. It is a wonderful change and I only wish we would have done it sooner.
I decided that in an effort to better appreciate our new lifestyle it wouldn't be a bad idea to have at least an herb garden. Las Vegas doesn't really scream farm country in my opinion, I could be wrong and if I am please correct me. I chose to go with an indoor herb garden. I think I have a much better chance at keeping something potted alive as opposed to trying to maintain an outdoor garden. For now. I do have near future, like as soon as our backyard is finished, plans to plant kale, spinach, peppers and maybe some others in our raised garden bed in the backyard. I want our boys to learn to be self sufficient. I know we aren't going off the grid or anything but slowly, we are making large changes in what is, in my opinion the right direction.
We have this nice little cutout in the wall between our front room and dining room. I can't think of a better use for this space than this can you?
Another upside to these gardens is Gage getting to help with them. He really wanted to plant flowers so in the small pots I let him plant some flowers. Each day they sprout a little more and he gets so excited that he has to show me, mama and his dad. He has been very good about watering them as well. It really makes my heart happy and proud to see him take part in these changes. Kayson will grow up with these changes while Gage is having to go through them with us. Two very different journeys.
We are almost finished renovating our backyard. We moved things around flattened out the ground and got a 15 foot pool for the summer. Our family loves swimming. We have been spending a lot more time outside as well. Whether we just sit in the backyard while the kids play or we go to the park and all get in on the fun we are making it a point to be outside. Electronics play a huge roll in our home and I am wanting to cut that down significantly. Fingers crossed this transition doesn't come to hard for us.
With that being said, I'll just leave this here:
Have you made any lifestyle changes?

Plateau Problems

We are coming up on the end of month 2!
While that is exciting, I have been stuck between 231 lbs. and 233 lbs. This plateau came much earlier than I anticipated it would and also came as a shock. I do however realize that for quite some time I was "slacking" the workouts. I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I needed to and on top of that, I have had a sufficient appetite decrease so I probably haven't been consuming as many calories as needed.
Now when I say "slacking" the workouts I don't mean not doing them all together, I mean doing workouts that weren't nearly intense enough for me. I am a former athlete and even in my current state there does seem to be such a thing as not intense enough. I really thought that given the shape I am in I would pretty much die while doing my walking DVD's. I was doing things like Zumba and Hip Hop Abs but I wasn't doing them to my fullest potential. I chose that path of workout options because they were fun to do and almost didn't feel like a workout. Now let me run that by you again, ALMOST DIDN'T FEEL LIKE A WORKOUT. So there was the problem.
With that realization I decided to pick up Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30. I am still in week one, tonight will make day 27. Despite this being an "easy" week, the 20 minute workout gets the sweat pouring. I am almost able to complete the entire workout without pause so I will take that small success!
I did slip up with my eating as well. I got sick one week and then got lazy again after that. I know a slip up is normal but I am still disappointed. I am now back on track though and feeling much better.
Have you experienced a plateau? What trick did you use to get over it?

Friday, February 7, 2014

(A Little Over) One Month

Well this is late but here goes...
We did our 31, okay 34 day weigh in on February 3rd. I will admit that while I am extremely happy with the results I am also a little bleh about them as well. I was hoping I would have seen more change but I will not let it discourage me! My pants are already feeling so lose, I have noticed a HUGE decrease in appetite as well as noticing that I am eating less per meal as well and getting satisfied faster, and I have noticed an increase in energy and stamina. We have taken the boys to the park multiple times in the past week and I was able to run around with the kids and not get nearly as winded as quick. This is important because my main objective in getting healthy is to be able to play with my littles for as long as they want me to.
Mistylynn has noticed changes as well. The one I have seen her most excited about so far was the fact that she fit into a shirt that she has never fit into before. Talk about exciting!
So for our weigh in results:
January 1, 2014 - 241 lbs.
February 3, 2014 - 231 lbs.
Loss of 10 lbs. in 34 days.
(Apologies on how grubby I look)
January 1, 2014 - 273 lbs.
February 3, 2014 - 263 lbs.
Loss of 10 lbs. in 34 days.
Well there it is! Pictures and all. It is unbelievably hard to post pictures of myself like this. I have been avoiding the camera completely since I put on so much weight. I would have to say that I have a handful of photos with me in them for the last 4 years. Now that we have gotten used to working out twice a day and we have more stamina for it I am ready to up the intensity. Time to lose more weight!
If you haven't seen the recipes we have tried so far, click on the tab above labeled recipes. I hope you enjoy giving them a try as much as we did! Look for more new recipes we've tried as I hope to experiment more with new things!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 3

We are now in week three of our new healthier lifestyle. 

During the second week of juicing for two meals Mistylynn and I both went through one day where our bodies were literally HATING us! 

She was feeling lightheaded and dizzy and I was just feeling sick to my stomach for most of the day and slightly weak. I am glad to say that once we got through that day we have yet to feel that way again!

Mistylynn did, however, hurt herself exercising somehow. Her whole left side has been hurting her pretty bad. We have upped our exercise routine to twice a day instead of just the once a day.I am officially in love with exercising in the morning, unless of course you ask me on days when my bed is just TOO comfortable! I have gotten to a point in our evening workout where I am finally able to push through the intense parts that I was having to stop and rest at before. My muscles don't hate me anymore either! I of course still have that sore after workout body. I am happy to be pushing myself in exercise again to a point where I am so red in the face and breathing hard! It is an awesome feeling to be active again!

We are back to drinking juice for two meals a day now that we were able to restock our juice supplies and make another batch. 

Katie is pretty happy with the changes we are making as well. I am actually doing DISHES! Those who know me, know what a HUGE deal this is. I am cooking meals and am extremely good at it. I am loving the colorful foods we have been eating and Gage has even gotten better about eating what we are eating. I am excited to see how this new change is effecting Gage. He is wanting to work out with me every night and asking to help cook and clean.

How is your new year treating you?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Current Exercise Schedule

As out of shape as we are, we are having to start light!
We started out using this DVD:

 We of course started out on the 1 mile but have since moved it up to 3 miles. Our first week we stuck strictly to the walking and only did it 1 time a day.

Now that we are on week 2 we have incorporated this DVD:
Our workout currently consists of doing the 1 mile walk in the morning to get our day started and we finish up our night with Level 1 on the 30 Day Shred DVD. My body has finally stopped feeling like I was hit by a truck so I can't wait to up in the intensity again real soon! I have also decided that after my workout and shower I will start meditating before bed. I am excited to wind my mind down after the long day.
What does your workout routine entail?