About Our Journey

Meet our far from normal family!
This is our small family. Katie and I were married November 16, 2013 and have been together raising our boys for going on 5 years now. Katie's goal is to maintain a healthy weight (which she is currently at just 7 months after having our youngest son Kayson.) She also wants to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I (Gail) am trying to do a complete 180 with my lifestyle. I had our oldest son, Gage four years ago. Prior to having him my weight was 160 lbs., now 4 years post having him I am 240 lbs. My goal is to drop AT LEAST below 200 lbs. and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We want to be great examples for our boys and guide them down a healthy life path as well. I want to be able to run around with them without getting tired or winded. I am ready to commit to this and make this happen!
{January 1, 2014. 240 lbs.}
Our roommates (who are very much a part of our family) are joining us on this adventure as well.
 Mistylynn's current weight is 273 lbs. Her current goal weight is 199 lbs. Once she hits that mark she wants to go for 170 lbs.

We are literally one big, abnormal family but we support each others goals and love each other. Support is very important in the journeys we are each embarking on because I know I won't succeed without their love, support and motivation!
We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us!

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  1. I can tell you all enough how proud I am of all of us and how thankful I am that I have become part of this family.