Friday, February 7, 2014

(A Little Over) One Month

Well this is late but here goes...
We did our 31, okay 34 day weigh in on February 3rd. I will admit that while I am extremely happy with the results I am also a little bleh about them as well. I was hoping I would have seen more change but I will not let it discourage me! My pants are already feeling so lose, I have noticed a HUGE decrease in appetite as well as noticing that I am eating less per meal as well and getting satisfied faster, and I have noticed an increase in energy and stamina. We have taken the boys to the park multiple times in the past week and I was able to run around with the kids and not get nearly as winded as quick. This is important because my main objective in getting healthy is to be able to play with my littles for as long as they want me to.
Mistylynn has noticed changes as well. The one I have seen her most excited about so far was the fact that she fit into a shirt that she has never fit into before. Talk about exciting!
So for our weigh in results:
January 1, 2014 - 241 lbs.
February 3, 2014 - 231 lbs.
Loss of 10 lbs. in 34 days.
(Apologies on how grubby I look)
January 1, 2014 - 273 lbs.
February 3, 2014 - 263 lbs.
Loss of 10 lbs. in 34 days.
Well there it is! Pictures and all. It is unbelievably hard to post pictures of myself like this. I have been avoiding the camera completely since I put on so much weight. I would have to say that I have a handful of photos with me in them for the last 4 years. Now that we have gotten used to working out twice a day and we have more stamina for it I am ready to up the intensity. Time to lose more weight!
If you haven't seen the recipes we have tried so far, click on the tab above labeled recipes. I hope you enjoy giving them a try as much as we did! Look for more new recipes we've tried as I hope to experiment more with new things!


  1. I am so freakin proud of the two of you. First, it takes great courage to stand bare and to hold your self up with all to see. Second, to stick with this and for amazing reasons. Your cchildren. For real darling. So proud of you and I support you. Great job and keep it up ok. Any haters out th here best keep it to themseleves. :0) you guys rock.